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El Centinela

Oregon Symphony and Leisure

El Centinela

Monday, May 6, 2013

Leisure Group has been nominated three times for Grammy is one of the most popular young groups today. Even being educated in classical music they feel at home both in concert halls like Jazz in clubs and dance halls.

Leisure members, residents of the city of Miami but are true inheritors of their tradition filled with riches of his native Cuba. Its success is celebrated in the United States, and abroad, thanks to its seductive rhythms and cheerful Jazz mix high voltage.

In an interesting way, the Director of the Symphony Orchestra, Carlos Kalmar, who will be in Portland for the date of its submission on 6 May, and when he learned of the possibility of adding free time to schedule the season, said: "I want to make music with them!" and then Kalmar is chairing the presentation.

The group appeared with the symphony for the last time as part of the Pop Series 2010/11, which left very impressed the audience that nearly filled the room.

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