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Tiempo Libre

Dallas Morning News

Joy Tipping Recommends... Tiempo Libre at Kessler Theatre

Dallas Morning News

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

by Joy Tipping

If you can stay seated through a Tiempo Libre show, check your pulse. Your body will suddenly develop amazing rhythm — regardless of whether you usually have any — when the band starts playing. The three-time Grammy- nominated group’s members studied classical music by day at Havana’s prestigious Escuela Nacional de Arte, and at night met to play the traditional music of Cuba. Expect lots of tracks from their most recent CDs, 2011’s fabulous My Secret Radio and 2009’s Bach in Havana. Unless you’re at death’s door, don’t miss this one — and even then, the group’s exuberant passion could probably revive you.

Classically trained at Cuba’s premier conservatories, the members of three-time Grammy-nominated Tiempo Libre are true modern heirs to the rich musical tradition of their native Cuba. The Miami-based group is celebrated for its sophisticated performances of timba music, an irresistible, dance-inducing mix of Latin jazz.