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Tiempo Libre

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Cafe Bustelo to Feature Music Group on 1 Million Coffee Cans

Progressive Grocer

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For the first time in its 80-year history, Rowland Coffee Roaster's well-known Cafe Bustelo brand is altering its can design to feature the Miami-based, Grammy-nominated Cuban music group Tiempo Libre on 1 million units while offering a free download from the band's new CD, “Bach in Havana,” which is their first recording to be released by Sony Masterworks and goes on sale May 5. The cans will be in stores nationwide starting in late April-May.

"Like the Rowland Coffee family, Tiempo Libre's members left Cuba to pursue freedom and opportunity in the United States," noted J.P. Souto, VP of Marketing for Miami-based Rowland Coffee Roasters. "Featuring Tiempo Libre on our cans is not just a strategic alliance; it pays tribute to the day-by-day drive and determination it takes to achieve the American dream. We take pride in their success and their contribution to the American experience."

The at-cost joint venture will showcase Tiempo Libre on Cafe Bustelo cans in exchange for Bustelo-branded inserts in the “Bach in Havana” CD. A free download will be available at, enabling Rowland and Sony to track how many consumers visit the site, how many people download the song and whether they purchase coffee at the Cafe Bustelo's online store.

Conservatory-trained Tiempo Libre presents a unique blend of traditional Afro-Cuban influences and sophisticated jazz harmonies. “This new relationship with Cafe Bustelo will bring their music to a new generation of coffee enthusiasts and between their high-octane music and Bustelo coffee, it not only a good fit from a promotional perspective, but a great way to jump-start the day,” said Alex Miller, general manager of Sony Masterworks.

Rowland Coffee Roasters has been aligning itself with music for the past several years: In 2008, for instance, Cafe Bustelo had a presence at such music events as Lollapalooza, South by Southwest and the Winter Music Conference, where it gave away free coffee and merchandise.

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